Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missing Boston

My husband and I were talking about vacations and such. I'm starting a new job which means I won't be able to take one for about six months. We thought we might take a trip somewhere before I start the new gig to enjoy some time off before I get really busy. 

We've thought of a few places....Washington, D.C., Asheville, Chattanooga...but as we talked I started reminiscing about our last trip to Boston and how awesome it was. 

I haven't been to all of them, but I can positively say that Boston has been my favorite U.S. city to visit so far. 

Boston Common
Part of the city's appeal for me is Boston Common. It's meticulously-maintained foliage is just breath-taking. It's unlike anything I have ever seen. I love the idea of beauty that's for the public to share. I could have spent all day just hanging out there. 

The North End
Another thing I love about Boston is the North End. The area's Italian heritage is seen in all its cafes and espresso bars. The famous Mike's Pastry is located there as well as what is considered to be the oldest cafe/ espresso bar in the U.S., Caffe Vita. 

Fenway Park 
The oldest ballpark in the country + America's favorite pastime + baseball's most loyal fans = AWESOME!

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