Sunday, July 29, 2012

Savvy's Bachelorette Party

My friend Savannah is getting married this coming week and we just threw her bachelorette shindig at my house. It was a low-key shindig, but totally fun!! I think the entire bridal party just needed a night to relax and catch up with each other. Between working, wedding planning, and gestating (well...just me), we all needed a little down time. ;)

Savvy's wedding colors are red, gray, and black; very classic and romantic colors. I used her color scheme and created a little ice cream bar for our after dinner treat. (We went to a hibachi grill in town beforehand.)

Savvy decided she wanted our nails in gray for the wedding, so I supplied everyone with their own polish and nail file. We drank sparkling cider, painted our nails, and inhaled ice cream. Good times. 

I also created "Wedding Day Survival Kits" as party favors complete with essentials for the big day. The kits included a travel size hairspray, a lint roller, breath mints, trail mix, and a mini gatorade to stay hydrated! And just for fun, I threw in a ring pop. 

 We had a great time just being together! Congrats Savvy!!


  1. Ahhhh, it looks like it was a wonderful time for you girls......and WILL, lol. :)

  2. It was wonderful!! For all of of us! ;)