Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick and Easy Desktop Makeover

Because I am starting to work more from home, I decided to give my desk a quick makeover. As you can see in the before picture below, my office was plain, simple, and a little boring. Pretty, but dull. Anyway...I decided to give it a little bit of color and visual interest, but I had to do it on the cheap. 




  • First, I hung twine from two push pins. Then using metal office clips, displayed some of my favorite things: a picture my husband took in Europe, magazine clippings, to-do lists, etc. 
  • Next, I got out some of my more colorful books that have beautiful and inspiring images to keep nearby. 
  • Then, for a desk mat/ mouse pad I found an old cork placemat that I had lying around. 
  • Finally, I filled an old glass bottle with some flowers. Done!

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