About Design In Progress

Hey! I'm Kelly. To me, everything is an ongoing process: my life, my business - DipDaDip, decorating my home, my never-ending educational endeavors...I'm never finished, constantly evolving, learning, and creating something new on the inside and the outside. Everything is a design in progress. Here, I chronicle all the fun things I encounter along the way.

I hope you enjoy following along.

DipDaDip Design is a handmade paper goods company that I started when I couldn't find paper goods that spoke to my own personal aesthetic.  I started making and customizing notebooks and notepads myself and then as gifts for friends.  Now, DipDaDip is a full line of handmade paper goods.

I am inspired by all things typographical...and I love, love, love paper products! I'm truly a paper junkie. I've got half-filled notebooks everywhere! It's that combo of passions that inspires me to create! I only make items I would want to own myself!!!

For more info. check out my Etsy shop!

Thanks for stopping by!