Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Office

Lately I've gotten into a "simplify" mentality...keep things simple, organized, and aesthetically clean!! This new philosophy has led me to organize my closet, my collection of necklaces, and now has made me want to revamp my office...again. ;)

Anyway... here are some inspirational photos for my new-and-improved, minimal, clean, and super efficient home office!!! I'll update you on the process as I get photos!

Clean Office Inspiration

The mostly white palette in these two offices definitely scream "clean" to me. The only downside is you'll have to be disciplined enough to keep your desktop organized daily to go along with the minimalist aesthetic. This may be difficult for some, but I think a clean workspace can mean an efficient workspace!! 

Products to Achieve the Look

This acrylic desk chair is clean and classic and will give the illusion that you have more space than you really do. Perfect for smaller offices!!

These clear letter trays from The Container Store will help you stay organized while still giving off that clean and clutter free vibe. And bonus: they are much nicer to look at than those plastic black trays we've all seen at the office! 

This ceramic pencil tray from SortingwithStyle.com makes me want to sharpen some pencils and write old-fashioned letters!! Fresh and feminine, it's the perfect addition to a stylish desktop. 

Also from SortingwithStyle.com is this ceramic vertical business card holder. Being as my latest business cards are vertical, I was excited to find this little gem!

Now all you need is some fresh flowers and a mug for your coffee!! Monogrammed mug from Anthropologie. 

Oh!! And don't forget to add a notebook from DipDaDip !! Haha. Shameless plug!!!

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