Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And the winner is...

Thanks so much to everyone that entered our giveaway! Because we knew a lot of the people that entered, we wanted to make it as fair as possible. Here's how the winner was chosen: 

Each person was assigned a number for each "entry" they made. Entries included an Instagram photo of a dipdadip product, a follow on Instagram, and a like on Facebook. Also, comments on our blog were counted. So, if you did two of these you were assigned two numbers. Then, using a random number generator, a number was selected. The person assigned to that number is our winner. 

And the winner is...

For everyone else that entered, if you're interested in purchasing the item you chose as your favorite or want to get an early start on Christmas shopping, you can take 20% off your next dipdadip order! Just message me to set it up!!

Thanks so much to everyone that entered and shared with their friends! And congrats Jody!

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  1. Hey Jody Congrats for winning, and for author I love this blog your posts are too great..!!