Monday, July 2, 2012

Office Makeover - Round 2

Recently I blogged about clean and understated workspaces. This really inspired me to clear out the clutter in my own space and attempt to create a visually clean and sophisticated office. Since I work from home running my little handmade business, DipDaDip Design, I desperately need a place that is inviting and motivates me to get some work done. There's nothing more overwhelming than building a small business...and wherever you get your work done, I believe it has to be comfortable and suitable to your unique personality and work style. Working in a dining room/sunroom/office like I do makes this even more of a challenge. The space has to be conducive to a lot of activities!

Sorry I don't have many before pictures, but if you're curious as to what it looked liked before, this post has a glimpse. It was cute and colorful, but not as clean and sophisticated as I am now aiming for. 

My New Space! 

Pens, notepads, notecards, and other essentials are easy to get to. Acrylic storage container and flower vase from Walmart. Business card holder is a demitasse saucer I already owned! :) Flowers from local farmer's market! Lovely! 

"Metropolitain" canvas sign from Hobby Lobby. Screensaver is Fliqlo clock and can be downloaded here. 

This fun word cloud art is something I made online at Paste text from anywhere into their generator and you get easy, printable art for your home. I took text from DipDaDip's website and I must say, just looking at those words is pretty inspiring to me. 

Here I've got shipping supplies and finished product at the ready. Wire basket from TJ Maxx.

The Big Picture!

Larger pieces are from the following retailers:
Desk: World Market  Dining Table: IKEA Lamp: IKEA Chairs: IKEA  Pillows: IKEA
Rug: Target

As always, I'm sure this office will be a "design in progress"...;) Stay tuned for what else I might do to it!!

 - Kelly 


  1. That sure looks like a comfortable place to work =) Hope it will make you more productive and creative.