Friday, August 23, 2013

Been Too Long

Well, once again I've let the blog posts slip. It's been what? Almost 2 months? I sincerely apologize. I know all 10 of my readers have been waiting with bated breath for my next post! Ha! Anyway to catch you up, here are all the reasons I haven't been able to post....

1. I am very tired.

You can blame that one on stay-at-home-motherhood! I love my little Luci bear, but man, she can wear me out! Here's a current photo of my darling....this is where 75% of all my effort goes these days!!!

This was her first time wearing her pink chucks! 

2. I took a summer school course to get closer to my MBA! 

It's a slow going process, but I am in the middle of getting my MBA. I took a 6 week course in Organizational Behavior this summer and had a crazy ethics paper I had to write. I really enjoyed the class. Mostly because I finally figured out why one of my past bosses was a nutcase. Haha! 

3. I worked on a huge order for Cameo PR. 

In the middle of taking care of baby and finishing my class, I had a huge order come in for over 160 pieces. These were included in gift packs that were sent to fashion and accessories editors. It was a super exciting opportunity and I'm still waiting to hear feedback, so keep your fingers crossed for me and my little biz! Check out Cameo PR and see what cool things they do!

4.  My husband has been on tour almost ALL SUMMER!!

I don't think I've talked much about what my husband does, but he's super talented. Can you tell I'm proud? Anyway, he's an audio engineer and has been on tour most of the summer. So I've been keeping the home fires burning as they say all by my lonesome. 

Needless to say, the blog has been way, way, way down on the list of priorities at #1,375. ;)


I've got a few things coming up this fall I'm really excited about. I'm getting close to my 100th post on the blog and my 100th sale at my Etsy shop. In celebration, I'm going to be hosting a contest/giveaway where a lucky fan/reader/follower will score some swag from DipDaDip! Look for more details to come.

Our matchbook notepads and "Things & Stuff" notepads are being included in an upcoming Dottiebox! Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, check them out. Dottieboxes make great gifts!!


  1. You are an inspiration! The fact that you're able to juggle so many things at once and be successful in each endeavor gives me courage for the crazy semester I'm starting.

  2. Haha. You're so sweet! It wasn't done without some tears and sweat and LOTS of iced coffee! A little screaming too!! ;)