Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gold Dots 'n Spots

Good afternoon everyone! Today I'm in the mood to write about another fun design trend I've been "spotting." Sorry. I couldn't help myself. ;) If you haven't noticed polka dots everywhere lately then you've been living under a rock, but I want to talk about the fairest of all the dots: the metallic gold ones!! Let's face it. Polka dots are just better when they're metallic and gold! Am I right? 

Here you are. Delicious dots in gold for home, crafting, partying, and for your wardrobe! 

1.  Gold Polka Dot Vinyl Wall Decals from UrbanWalls
2. Vintage Serving Bowl from HomeGirlGoods
3. Pair Of Polka Dot Ceramic Cups from VillarrealCeramics
4. Burlap Gold Polka Dot Pillow from HouseofPillows
5. Gold and White Polka Dot Washi Tape from ModernTape
6. Gold Metallic Dot Wrapping Paper from SupplyHouse27
7. 80's Vintage Polka Dot Blouse from KooKooKachooVintage
8. Metallic Stripes and Dots Wooden Utensils by SucreShop
9. Tissue Paper Pom Pom by PomLove
10. Linen Screen Print Polka Dot Clutch by MilkhausDesign

And last, another baby find to go with the theme! ;) Check out this adorable spotted bib for the babes. How cute. 

Gold Polka Dot Bib from IttyPrettyBird

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