Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Luci's Lovely Little Nest

Well...I think it's complete. Luci's nursery is finally finished. All that's left is for her to get here in roughly two and half weeks. Oh my goodness!

I wanted to thank some folks for their contribution to the nursery project:

- My sister and brother-in-law for the crib. It's so sweet that Luci will slumber in the same crib that both of my nieces slept in.

- My awesomely handy husband for helping me put together the rocker and ottoman and being willing to help me move stuff around multiple times. :)

- My mom for helping me figure out some better ways to get organized and helping me wash all her linens and clothes.

- Linda Niles for the handmade diaper bag and adorable "I Love Luci" burp cloth seen hanging in her room. This is just a couple of the many wonderful things Linda made for me.

- Tina Dulaney for the monogrammed pillow in Luci's crib.

I'm so happy that all the art hanging in her room was created by and purchased from small home-based businesses and crafters. Support small businesses people! Not that I'm biased or anything. ;) The only exception are the initial canvases behind the chair and ottoman. I covered both in adorable Parisian inspired fabric from Hobby Lobby. Then my husband painted the wooden initials (also from Hobby Lobby) in the same green as the walls and we glued them to the canvases. Voila!

The chair and ottoman were purchased from Walmart online. Considering how much overstuffed rockers usually go for- I got quite a bargain. I'm really happy with how it looks in the room and it's surprisingly comfortable. The blush flower pillow is from TJ Maxx.

The pennant banner was made by me as well from simple scrapbook paper. The paper lanterns were purchased from Hobby Lobby for roughly two dollars a piece. Cha-ching! Decor on a budget!

The dresser is from the 1920s and was purchased from an awesome shop on the square called Simply Southern Marketplace. It's fantastic! I could spend so much time and money in there.

I love how peaceful the room feels. I've sat down in the chair a couple times now and almost fallen asleep. Hopefully Luci will feel the sleepy, peaceful vibes too. :) It's minimal and clean, but beautiful. The green is light and airy, but there's just enough pink to know this is a little girl's room.

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