Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mini Makeover: Closet Overhaul

In preparation for our little arrival I have been in a frenzy cleaning and organizing our home little by little. My latest undertaking has been my closet....

I need to be able to get to things easily and actually be able to see everything in my closet so dressing will be quick and easy in the mornings. As you can see in the before shot my closet was a jumbled mess.

Now the big reveal!! 

Now here's what I did...
  1. First, I moved out things that I can't wear anymore due to my expanding belly. Also, winter items were stored away in a spare closet. I only kept things I can wear through the end of the pregnancy and right after delivery in my bedroom closet. 
  2. I organized everything by type...jackets/blazers in once section, blouses in another and so on. 
  3. I hung my favorite bags on hangers so I could see them and hopefully get good use out of ALL of them. 
  4. Last, I bought an over-the-door hanger to organize my scarves. Now I can see them all!! 

Doesn't that look SO MUCH BETTER? And it only took me one evening to do it!!

Hopefully this gets you motivated to tackle whatever project you've been putting on hold. With a little planning and thought, it can be done in a snap!!

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