Friday, February 8, 2013

More New Uses for Old Shutters

Over a year ago my husband and I started a project with some old shutters we found in the garage of our house when we first bought it. I wrote a post about our project and added some inspiration photos I found on the web. To my surprise, that post gets more hits than anything else on my blog. So...I am happy to say we have finally finished our new headboard and I'm quite pleased with the results!

They were dirty, black, single shingles when we found them. Now, they are clean, freshly painted, and perfect as our nifty, yet thrifty, headboard. 

While I'm talking about shutters again, I wanted to share some more inspiration photos I found. I especially love the shutter armoire in the second photo. How cool would that be in a laundry room? 

Next, I would love to mount reading lamps to the headboard. Hopefully it won't be another year until I can make that happen! :)

*We did it!! We mounted lights to the headboard. See them here.

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  1. I used to have 2 sets of old shutters which I sold on Craiglist for 40 bucks. Kind of wish I still had those. Thanks for the great ideas!