Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Neon: Could You? Would You?


Neon is supposed to be the cool new trend for spring and summer, 
but it's a bit bold for my taste. Well...never fear. I have some options 
for those of us who like to "date" the trends but not marry them. ;)

1. Incorporate neon with tech accessories. 
Okay...so you don't want to buy a big neon yellow purse to carry on your arm. I don't blame you! Try out a neon cover for your smart phone. 

2. Try small amounts of neon in trimming and belts. 
I love the collared shirt and sandals above with similar pink trimming. On a budget? Just add a neon belt to a shirt you already own. 

3. Jewelry. 
Minimal pieces like the earrings and bracelets above are on trend, but don't scream "I LOVE THE 80s!"

4. Small bags.
Feeling a little more courageous? Try out smaller bags in neon like the orange cross-body bag or multicolored wristlet. 

5. Nail polish.
Just can't see yourself with any of the above? There are a ton of neon inspired nail colors. And if you hate it, just change it tomorrow. 

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