Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Things You Need for a Stylish Living Room

1. Killer coffee table. 

This coffee table, made from a salvaged pallet, is rustic but still super sophisticated.

2.  Neutral couch with clean lines. 

Neutral couches are easy to dress up with fun throw pillows. When your style changes, just change your pillows!

3. Coffee Table Books

Great for starting conversations and keeping guests entertained. And they are visually stunning!

4. Beautiful large bowl for coffee table.

5. Colorful throw pillows.

Keep things interesting with colorful throw pillows. Your space will never look dull.

6. Standing lamp. 

Cast a soft glow on your entire room with one of these gorgeous lamps.

7. Fun side chairs. 

8. Awesome rug. 

9. Visually interesting mirror for above the mantle. 

10. Fresh flowers.

Flowers add instant happiness and life to any room. 

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