Monday, October 17, 2011

Working It.

So with my career transition taking place you know it's time to go
bag shopping!!! There's always an excuse to go bag shopping. ;)

Anyway I am looking for something that will be nice enough to take to
work but can go with me just hanging about in the 'boro. It also needs
to hold my MacBook Air and fit with my wardrobe. Sort of a tall order,
I know, but here are some possible candidates.

Working It.

Working It. by kellymanix featuring padded bags

Lucky Brand handbag
$67 -

TopShop tote hand bag
$70 -

Patagonia tote hand bag
$59 -

Plaid handbag
$55 -

Padded bag
$45 -

Forever21 tote hand bag
$33 -

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