Monday, September 3, 2012

More baby blogging! A nursery sneak peek!

There's little more than 8 weeks to go until we meet little Luci and her nursery is coming along quite nicely. I wanted to share a few photos with those of you following our progress. There will be more as soon as we get all the final details in place. I promise! But for now, here are just a couple sneak peeks!


  1. This is so Figgin cute. I want to see you again soon? Okay? I'm thinking... DIY party?

    1. Thanks Autumn!! I think a DIY party would be amazing!! You'd outdo us all, though!! You should give us all a tutorial on craftiness. ;)

  2. A great DIY project. In fact kids like more and more colors and designs so its better to adorn their rooms with colorful things and selection of such kind of stuff to impress them.