Monday, July 23, 2012

Read This: Bringing Up Bebe

In Bringing Up Bebe, American expatriate Pamela Druckerman observes the parenting philosophies of the French while raising her three kids in Paris with her British husband. It's a funny, light read and not only is it entertaining, but it will make you deeply consider the current trends in American parenting in comparison to the French. Druckerman lets her readers decide which French ideals are for better or for worse, but she does let you in on the tips that have worked for her own family as well as the ideas she just can't bring herself to enforce. Overall, the book champions the idea that parents around the globe can learn from each other's differing values and ideals, and gives the hope to parents everywhere that a quiet and civil dinner with children present is indeed possible.

I took this book with me on my recent travels and I'm so glad I picked it up. Honestly, I was sad when it was over because I felt like I was part of Druckerman's family and present for all their great Parisian adventures! 

This book's for you if: 

- You have or soon will have young children at home.
- You're a Francophile. 
- You like quick, conversational style writing. 
- You like to laugh out loud when you read.

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